Experience VUCA in a multidimensional Action Learning Setting
while developing your business goals.


Acting in a VUCA environment, disruption and permanent change while working on real and relevant business goals.


We ensure a change of mindset of the participants by delivering a framework in which they are the drivers of organisational development.


By collectively navigating through a VUCA challenge, leaders will strengthen their network, sense of belonging and generative understanding.

VUCA Action Learning

We fundamentally believe that leadership in a VUCA-world, disruption and permanent change cannot be acquired through a traditional classroom setup by using teaching, skillstraining, role-plays and exercises only. In our view, sustainable learning requires a setup which is much closer to business reality, where participants can experiment or test out new leadership skills and behaviors.

The participants experience a real VUCA environment by assuming different leadership roles in a multi-dimensional matrix-setting.

ComCoaching Initiative, Daimler

“ Developing the cross-divisional communication culture while immersing a ​ VUCA world makes the questo Action Learning approach unique and supports sustainable learning.”

Markus Rettich, Daimler Academy