Real Life Business

Make SOMETHING real.

Corporate Projects and leadership development.

The more participants work on real and relevant business projects, the more they can transform their personal learning into their daily business. We are strong believers in the action learning philosophy, where people work on Corporate Projects while developing their leadership and management skills.

This concept challenges the participants in real leadership and business situations. They are exposed to many learning and business situations, which they would otherwise need years to experience.

Through this approach we ensure the transfer of experienced management and leadership learnings to the normal daily working program.

Change of mind-set.

As a result the participants experience a change of mind-set from being training consumers to employees who actively seek their opportunities for development.

In this action learning setting the participants are challenged to mainly organise themselves, define roles within the project work, and seek actively for learning experiences in the program. This increases the capability of the participants to take responsibility for their own development.